The Earth

Did you know that right now you are traveling at 67,000 miles per hour around the sun here on earth? How about how fast the Earth is rotating on its axis?

While the earth races around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour, scientist say that the sun is flying around the out-arms of the Milky Way Galaxy at 483,000 miles per hour. At this rate it takes about 225 million years to make one trip around the galaxy.

There are many mysteries about the earth, the solar system and the universe (also called the “Multiverse” by some physicist.)

Scientist say that since the earth is 25,000 miles in diameter at the equator and it takes 24 hours to make one rotation that we are moving a little faster that 25,000 miles per hour. So here is the obvious question.


The Earth, not as fast around the sun as Mercury but its days are much faster.

The Earth:

Join me while I poke at the world and see how it ticks. Here at Astrolosophy I discuss the scientific and mundane facts using critical thinking. I also attempt to explore the far out “unexplainable” stuff that most educators just won’t touch. The idea is to make sure that free thinking continues to flourish among the masses so that we have as many theories as possible to decipher the world beneath our feet and beyond the horizons of our skies.

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