Full Moon In Taurus: Charging Thunderously Through Change

Full Moon in Taurus: November 6, 2014 at 2:22 pm PST, 5:22 pm EST or 10:22 pm UT

Well we made it! We are in the fixed quality water element of Scorpio. This is the tenacious and stable season that ends the year on the Gregorian calendar.

scorpio_Taurus_magicWhy is this important?

We have the archetypes of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine of the feminine night signs, vacillating between the light and the shadow with the intention of giving birth to a more durable world. This is an especially good time to be aware of “doom and gloom” astrology reports even if you hear about clinical depression and in some cases suicide. While all fixed signs represent consistency and tenacity, the dark side to these admirable traits can be an inflexible stubbornness that can make the most advanced yogi as as laid back and loose as Mount Olympus itself.

Does this mean that you should be nervous or afraid?

Only if you plan on giving up and allowing the tsunami of change to fire you out of your comfort zone as if you were a cannon ball. I know that you have dealt with the grand cross square and several subsequent crisis, but now it is time to learn how a law in physics may have just as much as a philosophically relevant impact than the planets presumably have  on humanity.

I know that the physics in metaphysics creates the same discomfort among many intuitive as the word “astrology” creates among academic and laboratory scientists, but it’s important that we consider the application of the law of conservation of energy.
This law states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms, and energy can flow from one place to another. In essence, your attitude and intention can connect with auric energy between people in situations in a way similar to the physical world, except for without all that annihilation of nuclei.

What if I am not a Scientist, Hong Kong Phooey, or a Yogi?

Not a problem! You do not need to be Dr. Spock, a cartoon dog with a pet cat that solves all your mysteries, or an aspiring ascended being, to understand “The Law of Attraction.” Since “The Law of Attraction,” “The New Earth” and “You Can Heal Your Life” has saturated the consciousness of a lot of people in our modern world, most people now have relatable stories involving this attitude of aligning thought with deed.  So you certainly don’t need to brush up on, “The Secret,” to start learning how to bend the strong energies of challenging situations to work with you if you focus on simply learning when to ebb and when to flow! The key here is to forgive yourself when you don’t interact with the perfect amount of dynamic finesse needed until you get the hang of living life like an intellectual and emotional martial artist.

OK, so maybe it won’t be “simple” at first. At least not until you wrap your mind around the idea that the energies of Taurus and Scorpio will energize November with a vibe that is passionate, intense, and unyielding. It is my opinion that neither of them have even finished their warm-up routine! We are talking two fixed signs that are competing in the attitude olympics. These fixed titans are competing for the most “stubborn,” or the most “determined,” depending on how you choose to adjust your attitude. Because an attitude adjustment is mandatory and non-negotiable especially while Mars and Pluto are dancing through “The homeland security” that is Capricorn. So it is important that you focus on  re-directing all “hard” or “unpretty” energies into projects or people that will benefit from  the outcome of your objectives.


So you can try to stop the energy by blocking it, or you can move with the natural flow of the energy while subtly re-directing it in a manner that helps yourself and those closest to you to grow. This means you transcend through all of the challenging stages of life like the Scorpion or pretend like you are in Spain and run with the bulls.


That’s right! One of the keys to making it through Scorpio season and maximizing of the full moon in Taurus is to think and behave with INTENSITY! Both Taurus and Scorpio can be VERY intense. But their approach to being intense is often very different. Am I saying that one way is more superior to the other? No! I am saying that your assignment is to take the parts of both of their approaches and forge them into a method that is dynamic and unique. This approach should be in synch with your authentic self if you want to have the most impact, and yield the most affirmative results.


OK! So you have your secret and conservation of energy tools. Now it might be helpful to have a vessel to channel that energy towards. You simply need to choose that which is the most important to you. A great example would be Don Ruiz Miguel’s books The Four Directions and The Mastery Of Love. I promise, I will spare you my sermon on how quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement, or Dr. Emoto’s studies on water may concur with the premise of this post. Simply focus on the good and learn to have gratitude for the challenges you must confront as you develop, skill, character and integrity. Your strongest characteristics have a great potential to emerge each time you choose to meet the challenges and transcend.

Visualize yourself drawing down that strong and grounding earth energy that is symbolic of the Taurus Moon!

Visualize yourself drawing down that strong and grounding earth energy that is symbolic of the Taurus Moon!

The Concern!? The intensity of Scorpio energy may manifest hidden shadows that reveal themselves not to hurt you, but to alert you to the fact that they are there so that you can actively choose to do what helps you to heal. Singing, dancing, playing sports, exercising or spending time with your pets contribute to the speed and intensity of your change and transcendence. At this point, you will not fear the crash of thunder, because that crash will be YOU manifesting a tempest of change by drawing down the intensity surrounding you in the heavens.fouragreements

What About The Astrology of it All?

So much has taken place this year that there is no way I could possibly recap it all in one post. I recommend that you go to my blog and read or in some cases re-read the entries for this year. What you should focus on right now is that the full moon in Taurus will be opposing the Sun in Scorpio/Ophiuchus downloading some powerful energy updates to our electromagnetic existence. On November 6, 2014 at 2:22 pm PST, 5:22 pm EST or 10:22 pm UT, The full moon in Taurus will face opposition from:

  • The Sun
  • Saturn
  • Venus
  • Pallas Athene….ALL IN SCORPIO!

So as the Moon travels through Taurus it will be chimed or “gonged” as it aspects each of these cosmic tuning forks. The sun will highlight all of our challenges with ego, will, and individuality. The interaction with Saturn will be one of the last “white glove” inspections from Saturn prompting everyone, especially taurii to re-evaluate boundaries, methods of achievement, accountability and follow through. It will be especially tough for Taurean people as Saturn has opposed Taurus since October of 2012.

Stubborn and Fixed in The Age of Healing?

While oppositions can be challenging, remember that your attitude for resolution and achievement can turn potential treachery into opportunity. I cannot emphasize the whole breakdown and breakthrough paradigm enough when the cosmic weather is like this. It may be as cliché as, “it’s always darkest before dawn,” but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Anyone that has their natal Saturn in any of the fixed signs: Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio, have or will also receive some pretty assertive pushes from Saturn in Scorpio as it races towards its finish line at 0º Sagittarius on December 23, 2014.
You know the drill…


Mandala of Abundance for The Taurus Full Moon and the second house of the zodiac

Mandala of Abundance for The Taurus Full Moon and the second house of the zodiac

No Retreat, No Surrender!

I should be able to call you at 2 AM and you should be able to regurgitate these concepts on demand as if you have graduated from Pavlov’s school of conditioning. Venus in Scorpio will be helping you to accept your shadow side with more openness and love as Venus is the planet that rules the heart chakra and bridges the physical self to the spiritual self.
Add Pallas Athene’s influence to this gumbo of energy and it also becomes about what we feel like we need to passionately advocate for in an influential context. Luckily, Ceres has already moved into Sagittarius with Vesta, so that part of you that needs to reconnect with the earth, home, and hearth, will find that retreating to the comfort of home will be your first impulse under the Taurus moon. Just remember that Saturn in Scorpio’s watchful eye expects you to handle all chores, obligations and duties, before your retreat to your nearest sanctuary or spa. Those that are not careful of Saturn’s scythe may end up with a cosmic spanking and from what I can tell, there is no “safe word!”


Serendipity and Synchronicity in Transit Degrees

Since the full moon will take place at 14º Taurus, those of you that are born between May 1st and May 8th are really having your world rocked this month. Of course you have the endurance and the serenity to dial back the majority of the cosmic noise, just remember to make a plan for what you are going to do when the dust settles and its time to rebuild some foundations in your life.
I would also recommend that anyone that has 11-16 degrees in their chart aspecting with Taurus pay close attention so that you can navigate “surplus” waves of energy. I point out potential waves because Pluto in Capricorn is still at 11º waiting for Mars in Capricorn to show up with an extra punch from its exaltation and Uranus in Aries is hovering at 13º threatening to shock us!
But it matters not to which degree you are worried because the biggest point is that with the right frame of mind, you can conduct the energies to work with you. Synchronicity and serendipity surrounds you this season, so take full advantage.

These degree point transit activations are especially important because this November as Chiron is 13º in Pisces and will be helping us to heal wounds that are seen through the reflective pool of dark Scorpion waters or unseen due to Pluto’s “helmut of invisibility.” Just remember that sudden drama doesn’t mean the cosmos is out to get you, it usually means that the energies are bringing your past pains to the surface so that they have an opportunity for healing.

Healing and grounding Mandala! Focus on healing yourself, your family, the world and the cosmos!

Healing and grounding Mandala! Focus on healing yourself, your family, the world and the cosmos!

Long Kiss Goodnight

Luckily, Mercury’s journey through Libra back to Scorpio will at least provide the communication skill and articulation necessary to convey our needs to those in our immediate environment so that our potential for co-creation rises rapidly. Since Neptune comes out of retrograde on November 16, our inner magician will benefit from all of the connections we start making now. Now is the time to write out that short term and long term plan and network with everyone you know. Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, so the charm and influence to create joy and beauty is abundant. Since Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, when it goes direct, you will see an immediate manifestation of the law of attraction. It may have felt like your positive outlook wasn’t working as well, but when Neptune goes direct that will change. Pluto Came out of retrograde in September and Uranus will be going direct at the Solstice December 21st. This will set us up for a number 8 year of “strength” and usher in the year of the Sheep/Goat in Eastern Astrology.

Say Your Last Goodbyes To The Green Wood Horse as you gallop past the finish line with the truth that if you have survived so much activity since 2010, there is very little you CAN’T DO!

Full Moon Prayer By Elinrós

Scorpio Elinrós has many magical prayers waiting for you at http://www.magicalprayers.com/

Scorpion Elinrós Henriksdotter has many magical prayers waiting for you at http://www.magicalprayers.com/

Elinrós Henriksdotter is the woman behind Magical Prayers. She is based in London and writes, records and composes the prayers a bit here and there, depending on where she is in the world. Elinrós is passionate about everything that elevates the


“Feel your heart beating. Who is reading? A Divine being is reading this text. You are a magnificent creation straight from the source, and the heart which is pumping the blood in your body is a piece of the Universal heart. Your heart is also the heart of the Universe. Relax into the experience of your magnificence. Feel the spring of Love rushing inside of you, with warm healing winds caressing and nourishing your mind, your body and your soul.”

Magical Prayers is for those who never stop making life more awesome and beautiful. It is for those who believe in what they feel in their heart. Listen, feel and fly away… Be free.

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