Tropical Astrology Update: Mercury is Direct!

Tropical Astrology Update!

Mercury is now direct!
How many of you had misunderstandings this cycle?
How many mis-spoke?
How many experienced talking to people who chose to commit to their misunderstanding of your communication?

Don’t worry! You are not ALONE!

When the cosmic magician Mercury went retrograde on October 4th, the sun was in Libra,  and Mercury was 2º Scorpio. So there was a big emphasis on conflict management and intended resolution. As Mercury exits at 16º degrees Libra, we are under the Scorpio sun. This is a place in which most people may assume the worse about the motives of others and personalize anything that did not go the way they wanted.

This is about the illusion of control!

Control that we think we have of ourselves and others that is directly connected to our PERCEPTION of what we subjectively believe is “right” or “wrong.” So be careful to let the people around you vent and give plenty of space for people to reflect and take responsibility for their own crater of “cray!”

Am I saying that you should roll over and take potentially bad or abusive behavior from others?

Hell NO!

I am simply pointing out that people often have good intentions when they try to communicate things to us or participate in dialogues with us.

The problem? Everyone “perceives” connotations and emotive meanings for words to have different meanings.

This is a time where people are likely to express their insecurity by digging their heels into that crater of cray because there are too many changes going on around them and they need to draw that damn ultimatum line somewhere or they may be blown away like Dorothy’s house in the Wizard of OZ!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have to look closely at whomever we are speaking with to make sure that they feel emotionally or psychologically safe enough to be able to receive/handle the raw emotional truth of a fierce Stellium in Scorpio.

Sure, Scorpius may be ruled by Mars and Pluto but it INTERNALIZES those energies.
So if people are in a state of reflection for that which you discuss, they may shut down on you faster than a nun at a bachelor party thrown at a sorority house.

*Probably a good idea to “extract” the nun to a place that is more comfortable for her….just saying.*


So while I declare that the “Crazy Plane” that is Mercury Retrograde has landed, I am also making a correction in letting you know that this time it was more like an inter-galactic starship of cray. A Starship filled with background noises that trigger our emotional photon cannons at those that dare help us heal. So continue to be brave but also be careful. Like Mom says, “A wounded dog, will bite you!”

If there are any proverbial “wounded” dogs around you, be careful to treat them like puppies until they are strong enough to take care of you. You will be glad that you did. If Mercury Retrogrades teaches us nothing else, the cycles teach us the values of balance and reciprocity.

So don’t get caught up in the 50 shades of “CRAY” that others may project upon you!

Mercury retrograde finishes its echo the second week in November. Until then, let people think and feel the way they want and clarify what you mean after the retrograde cycle is completely done.

Because of the issues of meaning and perception are so distinct to country, culture, geographical location, it makes communication that much trickier and therefore that much more ineffective as a vessel for conflict management and management in general.

Please feel free to share the moments where someone passed you the “cray poupon” below.

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  1. DeadMargeOldnmoldy

    It’s been said that relationships can and will flash issues that one
    has back at them. This has been true for me with my relationship with my
    boyfriend. He has talked inappropriately about other females body parts
    that have been seen on the t.v. I’ve discussed this with him as a
    boundary issue for me because it hurts to know a man that I love likes
    to look at other women. He’s been ill since last April and is slowly on
    the mend. We haven’t had much intimacy due to his health issues and
    being in constant pain. I realize Mercury just went direct yesterday
    however last night I couldn’t hold back any longer and let him know how I
    felt. He told me I was crazy for complaining about a comedian’s view on
    pornography which only blocked out the genitals. I’m not a prude but this really has been bugging me. So the Cray Poupon has been flung both ways. Oy vey. (Member of your Astrolosophy page signing in with another profile as I’d like to keep my identity private. Feel free to  msg me on facebook).

  2. Sam_Bo


  3. Khepri

    Sam_Bo Do you know which zodiac sign your Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are in Sam?

  4. Khepri

    DeadMargeOldnmoldy I know who you are and I will answer this in a personal message. Be well! <3

  5. Sam_Bo

    Khepri Sam_Bo Goodmorning 🙂 In my natal chart I have Saturn in Gemini , Uranus and Pluto in Libra. Now I’m curious why you ask!

  6. Khepri

    Sam_Bo Khepri Because what you describe sounds very similar to the story that all people born between 68 and 65 are discussing. I believe it is for a special purpose. But this is a VERY SUBJECTIVE OPINION! check out the article: See if any of it applies to you. You are about to go into your Saturn opposition, right as I leave mine. But Uranus has already been opposing your natal Uranus since 2010. Use your knowledge of rules to get what you want. <3

  7. Sam_Bo

    Khepri Sam_Bo Oomph.. that article is spot on! Thank you! <3 It’s going on since 2010 indeed.. When is the turning point? Please tell me there is one in this life haha..

  8. DonaldaDawnBeeson

    This Mercury retrograde has been a doozy…I’m overly sensitive, say the wrong things and my partner and I can’t seem to communicate healthily. I initiated us working through some communication tools and worksheets for couples in therapy and I created a fight out of them. While I want to do the work I obviously wasn’t ready. Things seem to be getting better now; however, yesterday Saturn returned to the exact degree in Scorpio that it was at at my birth (retrograde) perhaps part of my crazy is that I’m nearing the end of my Saturn return. Il that is the last time it will reach my exact degree but I believe it visits Scorpio one more time June 2015?

  9. DeadMargeOldnmoldy

    Khepri DeadMargeOldnmoldy Thank you. If you’ve sent it to this facebook profile please resend. I had to redo my chat settings 🙂

  10. Khepri

    Sam_Bo Khepri The first turning point is December 20th, 2017, when Saturn goes into Capricornus. but you will need to do less planning and take a more hands on approach to creativity while Saturn is in Sagittarius. The closer your work is with the authenticity of who you are, the more positive growth you with have under Uranus in Aries.


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