Tropical Astrology Update: Cancer Moon

Moon in Cancer



January 30, 2015 11:09 pm PST, January 31, 2015 2:09 am EST, 7:09 am UT

This weekend your clam shell turns into a glam shell as the moon transits from cray cray ass Gemini into super sensitive Cancer “the crab” starting a snarky sniper season worthy of a bullet-proof vest.

Why should you be concerned?

The full moon in Leo that will color the better part of next week is just beyond the horizon and our favorite cosmic cat. Leo has already broke into an ambitious hunting sprint, leaving us all with a sense of urgency that is not compatible with the collective triggers we often personalize under the Cancer moon.

How might this play out?

Imagine the powerful action oriented fire sign Leo influence encouraging us to live our truth through all forms of expression yet being ultra sensitive to the feedback of others. YIKES!

While Cancer can be the dragon, the octopus or the crab, we mostly know Cancer to be a metaphor for the mask we wear in public to successfully navigate challenges in the world. This is especially true when and if uncomfortable situations push us out of our comfort zones because Cancer’s shell becomes like a “hoarders” version of a motor home.

The good news is that your motor home/shell does not have to sit in the proverbial “trailer park” of communication if you remain mindful that this may be a period where you want to “roar” out your personal truth even when no one has asked you to open up your mouth.


Logically, Shouldn’t This Be Easy To Do In Theory?

This energy often creates situations where you swear that you will keep your UNSOLICITED OPINION(S) to yourself but every psychological trigger you have accumulated since birth decides to ignite into a solar flare eruption of “keeping it real” truth that you “just had to” get off your chest. See “I’m not Willy Wonka and I don’t Candy Coat Sh*t!”


leo_1024_zodiacThis shadowy mix of inner reflection mixed with extroverted and regal entitlement creates the Cancer season “sniper attack!”

All of the “Leonine healing” that venting provides, with the persnickety, smart ass comebacks of the Cancer “octopus” aspect.

The octopus aspect, whose tentacles are rooted in the past, is great for having a glass of wine and re-living old times. However, when it comes to mishaps, unresolved anger or *hurt, those tentacles can turn into life-sucking shackles of indignant vengeance which passive-aggressively seek out justice with “snippy” remarks that will cut you into ribbons for origami.

That’s right, Cancer claws can be used as scissors or in a real PINCH they can double as a “shank!” But if we avoid triggering the shadow aspects of a Cancer moon with lots of compassion, warmth and delicious comfort food, this is a time of heroic nurturing and healing.

Extra Moon Shine

Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, there is always an extra push influence of emotion, intuition and potential fellowship/sorority under a Cancer moon. This will help rescue from that cray cray feeling of creative cunning gone, “off the wall,” during the Gemini Moon.

Since we are on the crazy plane of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron transit Pisces making it easy to be drowned by over-emoting or suffocated by over-thinking. When the blades of airy intellectual critique meets the chalice of deep pressure emotional water you can expect a few moments of tension to deposit in that Cancer moon “shank bank!”

Mars will be in Pisces until February 8, 2015

Mars will be in Pisces until February 8, 2015

The moon’s current placement in the cardinal water sign of Cancer activates the reactionary chiming of the Uranus in Aries – Pluto in Capricorn square creating a lot of emotional tension and anxiousness. Mars and Venus in Pisces will leave many of you debating about impulsively doing something instead of remaining at home for a “stay-cation” escape that gives you a false sense of control.

The Cancer moon will oppose Pluto in Capricorn this weekend so be careful about all verbal and non-verbal communications as they could cause sudden break-ups or reevaluations of your love relationships and close ties with friends and relatives.

Remember all sudden explosions or “snippy,” “snarky,” sniper attacks are ILLUSION!

This is the low hanging fruit of the tree of Tantalus trying to lure you close enough to the spring of Narcissus. This is an opportunity to take off your crab-shell or Sniper para-military gear and look at all challenges objectively instead of fixating and gazing upon your own conclusions as the best available options. Don’t be like Narcissus and fall in the river gazing upon your own reflection. Stick to the choir of Cancer’s better angels and treat everyone with kindness, compassion, respect and delicious comfort foods.
*(Hurt and anger triggers are not always the same)

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