Tropical Astrology Update: Virgo Moon Cardinal Chrysalis

Tropical Astrology Update!
Vishuddha/Throat Chakra Expression and Cleansing

The “Cardinal Chrysalis” is just around the corner, Jupiter in Leo is retrograde, Saturn is in the tail of Scorpio, Mars is in Aquarius, Neptune and Chiron are still in Pisces Uranus is still in Aries and Pluto is still in Capricorn but has a little company with Venus.

While I will not go through the degrees and aspects of each of these signs, I will tell you that this weekend offers a great opportunity to organize your thoughts and get everything off your chest through communication. Virgo’s sword of purification now serves as a machete in a rain forest of changes that you must get through in order to reach your potential.

The Sun In Virgo 2014 takes place while Mercury is in Virgo. This exalted position is creating a lot of change through analysis of health a safety.

The Sun In Virgo 2014 takes place while Mercury is in Virgo. This exalted position is creating a lot of change through analysis of health a safety.

Gemini and Virgo are both Mercury ruled communicators that can be expressed in more ways than one can quantify. We communicate through sounds, vibration and song. Bright or nuanced communication through audio and visual arts and every nanometer of the “ROY G. BIV” visual sector of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The last full moon in Gemini reminds us of how Gemini energy tends to be the sporadic creative genius, while Virgo tends to be the organized system builder. Their ruling planet Mercury, serves as a superconductor, allowing energy to be conducted through our atmosphere and our bodies with little or no resistance, creating an energy overload while we all downloaded and upgraded.

It was as if the solar flares served like cosmic fireworks.

Both Gemini and Virgo talents are “mutable” or flexible energies that can express themselves in obvious and expected ways while also being dynamic enough to express and create in ways that allow us to substitute/transmute old orders and beliefs.

The mutable mindfulness of Virgo not only helps us serve ourselves through our shared community, the energy helps us process new opportunities that help us to increase our potential for greatness by reducing our fear/resistance of change. So now is your time to recognize that you have no limitations placed on your personal growth other than the ones that you choose.

What should I consider?

Uranus: Ruler of Aquarius and Higher Thinking

Uranus: Ruler of Aquarius and Higher Thinking. Of course Uranus is eccentric. It is the only planet in our solar system on its side.

If you have any old ways of looking at life, prepare for sweeping changes, and they may not necessarily be where you think or HOPE they will be. JUST BE “READY.” Its a numbers game.

Uranus takes 84 years to make one orbit around the sun and Pluto takes nearly three times that amount at 247 years for one spin around our solar system. What this means is that the changes for Uranus are a little faster, sudden and “SHOCKING” while Pluto changes have been simmering in the crock pot that is your psyche since birth. Well next week a cosmic chime strikes and some of us will no longer be cookie dough. Since both Planets are outer planets, they have a transpersonal impact that influences us all while the effects are all expressed distinctly based on our character.

There will be many changes that are forced upon us all and a lot of processing around how to assimilate the changes or resist things we perceive as toxic. This will especially be apparent with social and economic changes that are taking place in the shadows.

Virgo_goddess_512Virgo moon energy encourages people from different nations to start seeing passed the arbitrary guideline(s) of physical borders and recognize the greater dimensional familial bonds that we share to mother earth and the cosmos. People are learning to follow their inner voice as they become more comfortable with the idea that we are all connected to the earth’s consciousness through the Akashic Records or the Noosphere.

I offer this Mandala as a freedom of spiritual and autonomous expression. Its about learning to love, respect and appreciate who you are OUTSIDE of what our social models tell us what we should be. Its about acknowledging your eccentric characteristics, while being able to deal with the average person or the underdog. Its about loving the crust of the pizza that is you are if it was the slice of the pie that everyone is after. Mars in Aquarius will help us explore, integrate and value the unique and authentic light of the world, as Uranus in Aries continues to throw around lightning bolts of shock/change like a mad scientist on the brink of a break through!

Beware of Venus in Capricorn’s temptation to settle for safety and luxury over long term sovereignty and independence. Since Pluto is in Capricorn while Venus is traveling through the “seagoat,” we are more inclined to figure that anything that didn’t go as planned was because we didn’t stick to “best practices” or follow the rules down to the last detail. Sometimes that envelope needs to be pushed until we figure out that we might need to switched to a box.

With Saturn at the tail of Scorpio, some of you are in a cycle of pain and healing that may be making you feel numb. Take deep breaths and remember that all of Saturn in Scorpio’s lessons will serve you well in the coming years even if you feel like you are perpetually on something a local shaman gave you for long unforeseen “journeys.”

Look at all the “purty” colo(u)rs!

Once Saturn moves into Sagittarius, imagine the juicy fire trines between Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter! So even if certain challenges look or sound ominous, they are NO DIFFERENT THAN ANYTHING YOU HAVE ALREADY STARED DOWN!

What things do you need to get off of your chest so you can grow?


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